Why ”AIKO” ?

Someone’s name ?

Wrong !

Because It was made with “LOVE

Just like my child !


Made in JAPAN

In Japan, there is a traditional kimono culture called “Kimono”, which is made up of parts such as kimono, obi, obi tie, obi dome, and socks. Kimono and obi are especially delicate and gorgeous, and they are fascinating. However, in modern times, clothes are the mainstream, and almost no one wears Kimono. It can be seen at special ceremonies such as entrance graduation, adult ceremonies, and weddings. Originally, “Kimono” is expensive, can not be thrown away, often It’s in the chest at home, and is expensive, so it is passed down from grandmother to mother, mother to child, from ancestors. It is also a memory item. ”Aiko’s Bag” is a remake of expensive memories that are sleeping in a closet so that they can be used for different purposes.